Arcade Runner

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You are a small purple dude running for his life in an Arcade Game.The only way to escape is by
beating the game. It will not be easy but it is worth a try. This will be the last time a coin
is inserted…


You are a small purple free runner sucked Into an arcade machine. Sadly it is a broken buggy mess of a game and as a result you are in danger of being killed by corrosion.
Dodging obstacles and getting rid of those pesky bugs is your only chance of survival.What you see may through you off and as a coin is inserted in the machine, It begins
to play but you know this will be the last game to be played before your doomed destiny.

15 reviews for Arcade Runner

  1. danyreese


  2. Mat To (verified owner)


  3. danbz


  4. Rodrigo Medeiros

    Fun little game

  5. Moustafa ELwasif


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