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An action platformer made during GBJAM 5.


Arrow Keys — Move / Aim
X — Jump
C — Attack

F2 — Switch palette
F3 — Mute audio
F4 — Mute music


Version 0.1.1
— Adds unlockable harder difficulty mode
— Adds difficulty mode text on ending screen
— Adds return-to-menu hotkey (F9)
— Adds show-timer hotkey (F10)
— Adds 2 more palettes
— Changes player to respawn directly on checkpoint, preventing softlock in some circumstances
— Fixes bug where one second was added to time on respawn

20 reviews for Shuriken

  1. CHUCKY (verified owner)

    A winner GameBoy themed game: 3rd place at the GBJAM 5!

  2. CZPortal4Gamers (verified owner)

    Awesome. Looks retro, but its future 😀

  3. CHUCKY (verified owner)

    A cool game! 🙂

  4. SpockWithTheToaster


  5. Abdullah Kaya

    good game

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