KeyPunk is already 5 years old. When I started to work on KeyPunk, I never thought what was coming my way. At that time I thought that WordPress and a few plugins were enough to set up a shop like KeyPunk. In these years I have learned a lot and now I want to change something drastically.

So let’s talk about KeyPunk. But first: Hi! I’m Marco and I’m the 1-man army behind KeyPunk. The platform is not in good condition and I really want to change something. It all looks more like a complicated shop than a convenient way to get free video games.

Two years ago I already optimized and improved a lot. At that time I called it KeyPunk 2.0. Currently the site is based on WordPress, WooCommerce and many other plugins. I want to leave all this behind and turn KeyPunk into a slim web app without WordPress. This is a very big step. I will post an update on KeyPunk v3 every week. I would be happy if you would sign up for the beta. Help me with the development of v3 by joining the KeyPunk Beta Mailing List.

Register for the KeyPunk Beta by joining the KeyPunk Beta Mailing List

That’s it for now! I will give you more infos next week.

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